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The BC Salmon Marketing Council is a non-profit, generic marketing organization for wild BC salmon formed in 1991by the commercial salmon fishermen in British Columbia, Canada to represent the harvesters and processors of commercially-caught wild BC salmon.


It is funded by the BC commercial fishermen and government sources to fulfill its official mandate:

  • benefit and promote the BC wild salmon industry;
  • conduct research and educational programs for the development and promotion of commercially harvested wild BC salmon, and;
  • communicate to national and international markets the quality, availability and value of wild BC salmon.


BC Salmon Marketing Council

Council Members

Dane Chauvel, (Chair), Troll Sector

Bob Fraumeni, (Past Chair), Troll Sector

Barry Curic, Seine Sector

Chris Ashton, Seine Sector

Blake Tipton, Gillnet Sector

Henry Clifton, First Nations

William Gladstone, First Nations

Guy Johnston, Union – UFAWU

Dar Brinham, Large Processor

John Nishidate, Large Processor

Guy Dean, Small Processor

James Hilborn, Small Processor